Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hide & Seek

18, 19, 20. “Ready or not here I come!” says the seeker. As I quickly find my spot with 2 girls with me, as one girl quickly went inside the rubbish bin and the other girl hiding with me.

My heart was beating so hard that I couldn't stop the beating, we heard a noise, who could it be? As we squish the rubbish bins closer to ourselves we thought we were going to get caught by the seeker.

The noise was getting louder and louder, as we quickly squish ourselves by using the rubbish bins, I quickly went up and peeked so fast like a sparrow's eye. It wasn't a seeker but instead a hider trying to hide in the bushes.

We were hoping that we wouldn't be found by the seeker because we hid in a really good hiding spot, as I felt people getting found by the seeker and going back to the nearest playground.

People were asking if there were still hiders hiding, when they were going to the playground. 

When the noise shut down, I talked so loud to the 
girl near me and a seeker heard my voice then found me. “*Sighs* dang I worked so hard to not get caught.” I said

They found me, but not the two girls that were hiding with me.

I quickly ran to the playground and told them there were still 2 people hiding, they were the only ones, as all the people that got caught were scattered all around the school to find the two girls, there were only a few minutes.

When the time ended our teacher used her whistle so we can we go to the playground and go home, I told the two girls that it has ended.

The two girls quickly got out of their hiding spot and went home.

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