Thursday, 28 September 2017

Speech 2017

Have you ever had a childhood memory that is your worst nightmare?

I have one and I'm going to share it with you.

When I was about 5-6 years old in Manila, Philippines, I was playing with my friends  outside the house. It was so much fun playing. I went to home where my brother was. I asked him if he wanted to go biking outside the street with me. He agreed.

When we asked mum if we could go outside, she said ok, so we went outside the street where our home was in. I said “this is it, we are outside the street”. It's like Attack on Titan where they go outside the gates and outside the gates there are those giant Titans hunting for prey. We explored some places outside our street and it was so much fun. There were chickens, stores, apartments, people driving and more!

As we saw our street I said to my brother let's go back home. My brother was so tired because I was too heavy. As we were halfway to home then Splat! A drip of blood in my foot drips as I scream. I stepped on something that was very sharp.

 I cried as people passed me by, my brother helped me to get up and to walk back home with my blood dripping leg. I cried as people were crowding over me, after we came back home my mum was so horrified when she saw my foot bleeding.

My mum said to my brother to tape my left leg and foot. As they were taping my it, I couldn't move it. After the taping was done I said to my mum, When is the bleeding in in my leg going to stop? Well I don't know. Mum said.

A few days later my left leg was fully recovered and was ready to use again, I was very happy because I really didn't expect something like that to happen to me. 

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