Thursday, 25 August 2016

Speech Writing

How Coming To A New Country Feels Like
How do you feel by coming to a new country?
Everyone should be excited by going to a new country.
It was unbelievable for me.When I arrived at the airport it was exciting, even though I only knew a few english words. It was clean,quiet and beautiful.It was very different for me.Everything everywhere everyone was new for me. I met my neighbor Jordan he was kind and he taught me how to play soccer.He is my friend and he wanted me to go to Waimairi School. When I was in my room I was feeling shy and lonely because I had no friends in the classroom but I found out that there’s 3 Filipinos in the classroom and suddenly I felt happy because I met all the Filipinos in the classroom. I was happy because the teachers were kind to me and there’s a lot of fun in the classroom.

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