Sunday, 3 July 2016

DT Reflection TM 3 WK 2

Discovery Time Reflection ™ 3 WK 8
Today at discovery time I used to play soccer with Sanjive, Hamish and Others

Today I noticed Pierre because he wasn't in the soccer and he just came 

My struggle was keeping the ball in my leg because Riley and Jackson were kicking my ball 

What I improved was saving the ball with my hand and leg because I saved Hamish and Jayden’s kick

What I achieved is learning the Ronaldo chop and others because I was to Jayden and Hamish

My growth mindset was Hamish and Jayden’s kick are hard to save they’re and no one will save they’re kick but I keep trying and trying and I saved Hamish and Jayden’s kick

What I learned by myself was having a goal because Jayden was saving all my kicks and I said to myself how am I gonna get a goal and I said take the left and I kicked the ball on the left side I had a goal

What i need to work on is trying to skill Jayden and Hamish so I can pass to someone that is free and no one will tackle him

What i’ve learnt by myself was skilling Jackson and Riley because I was Ronaldo chopping him and nutting them