Sunday, 3 July 2016

Discovery Time Reflection WK 9 TM 2

Discovery Time Reflection WK 9 ™ 2
Today at discovery time I baked marines with Charlie,Larrisa,Abbey,Summer and Kelsey

My struggle was putting the marines in the cup because it was sticky,and holding the blender because it was moving around

Something I noticed was Charlie said that the 2 egg whites that we were blending were fluffy

I’m improved baking marines and it didn’t go well but John said it was good

I achieved baking marines because it was my first time doing it

My growth mindset was being kind to the people that are doing baking

What I learned about myself was how to beat 2 egg whites

I learnt how to beat 2 egg whites,a cup of sugar and food colouring

I enjoyed baking marines because it they were so delicious

I felt proud because we had good teamwork

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