Thursday, 14 April 2016

T1 Reflection

During Term One we have…

-Jono came to teach us about beat

-Keeping our pulse in time 

-analysed a video of Haka

-performed in our to share with an audience

I am at a unistructural level because I can identify beat in the ‘our day’ performance 

My next step is to identify beat in many contexts...

What we did:learning about pumanawatanga,beat and pulse

A struggle:by starting a new school make new friends

A highlight: listening to the teacher so I can get what she's saying

My role in performance:learner because I don't understand what they're saying before and I know it now

What I learnt:about beat,pulse,rhythm and pumanawatanga 

How I felt about Term 1:good because I have new friends

SOLO level of thinking:Unistructural 

Next step:identify beat in many contexts

Overall:I like the way we have Crt because i like it

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