Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hide & Seek

18, 19, 20. “Ready or not here I come!” says the seeker. As I quickly find my spot with 2 girls with me, as one girl quickly went inside the rubbish bin and the other girl hiding with me.

My heart was beating so hard that I couldn't stop the beating, we heard a noise, who could it be? As we squish the rubbish bins closer to ourselves we thought we were going to get caught by the seeker.

The noise was getting louder and louder, as we quickly squish ourselves by using the rubbish bins, I quickly went up and peeked so fast like a sparrow's eye. It wasn't a seeker but instead a hider trying to hide in the bushes.

We were hoping that we wouldn't be found by the seeker because we hid in a really good hiding spot, as I felt people getting found by the seeker and going back to the nearest playground.

People were asking if there were still hiders hiding, when they were going to the playground. 

When the noise shut down, I talked so loud to the 
girl near me and a seeker heard my voice then found me. “*Sighs* dang I worked so hard to not get caught.” I said

They found me, but not the two girls that were hiding with me.

I quickly ran to the playground and told them there were still 2 people hiding, they were the only ones, as all the people that got caught were scattered all around the school to find the two girls, there were only a few minutes.

When the time ended our teacher used her whistle so we can we go to the playground and go home, I told the two girls that it has ended.

The two girls quickly got out of their hiding spot and went home.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Arts Blog

Arts Blog Week 9 Term 3

This term Kiri talked about taking a money shot around the school and which money shot is the heart of Waimairi School.

So Tejas and I took some photos in Te Puna.

We took some photos in that class because we thought it would be a great idea of the kids helping each other and working together.

Tejas said to me that he had took a money shot that was the heart of Waimairi School.

It was the perfect money shot we took.

So we went to Kiri to check this photo out, and Kiri said it was a good money shot.

Overall I think the photo we took was the heart of Waimairi School.

Arts Blog Week 8 Term 3

This term our teacher talked about being a fly on the wall around the 

I looked for someone that can be my partner, and it was Tejas. I asked where we want to be a fly on the wall. He said to go to the library. That was such a good idea! So I asked Kate what Fran’s email was. She told me and I emailed Fran.

When I opened up the mail app in my iPad I found an email, it was Fran. She said when. So we decided to go to the library at Wednesday. Fran said okay but she wasn't on the library on Wednesdays.

So we decided to pick a day. Tejas said how about Thursday at 2:00. I said ok.

On Thursday…

It was nearly 2:00. I wanted to finish ESOL now. As soon as we finished ESOL we completely went to the Library.

We took some photos inside the library.


Overall I think that the library was messy on Thursday.

Arts Blog Week 8 Term 3

This term Nicky (ESOL Teacher) told us to get 15 English greetings and Farewells and translate it into our own language.

When we finished writing 15 greetings and farewells Nicky told us where we were going write it on or stick it on something. I said to Nicky that I'm going make a pyramid made by paper and write the words in each sides.

When I was making the pyramid, it started to go very well. When Nicky saw it, she said good job. I was very proud when I found this idea because all the ideas I had in my head, those didn't work very well.

Arts Blog Week 7 Term 3

This term Grace and Jessie made a talent show. It was so much fun watching the people do their own talent.

Some people were Singing, Dancing, Making a paper airplane blindfolded and comedy.

The contestant that I liked was Gabby because when she went in front and everyone was cheering for her but she said she couldn't do it. She cried and went to the judges which were Kiri and Kate. Kiri said if she wanted a second try, and Gabby said ok. When the other contestant finished, Gabby went in front again and did it.

Arts Blog Week 6 Term 3

This term our class made Calendar Art. We had to choose between 3 choices and these were Silhouette, Collage and
Tapa Cloths.

I chose to make mine with the silhouette because I thought it would be much easier to glue the coloured paper on the fully A4 paper.

The things I wanted to glue in the paper was sports, so I picked the my favourite sports and I decided to sketch them out and when I finished sketching it I would colour it fully black.

I was very proud of myself when I finished my calendar art.

This was mine.

Arts Blog Week 5 Term 3

This term we shared our speeches with the whole class.

My heart was beating so fast because I was so scared that really didn't want to do it.

When I got calmer my heart didn't beat that fast like before and I was ready to do it because last year I didn't do it.

When my name was called I courageously said my speech to all the people in my class. I was very happy when I finished because I faced my fears.

Arts Blog Week 4 Term 3

This term we've been doing Music, Dance and Drama. 

The activity I did was music. The people that were working with me were Isaac D, Hamish G and Ethan F.

We explored and found some things that have sound when smacked. 

The things we got were Spoons, Glass, Plastic Bottles, Containers, Drumsticks and Folders.

We were the first to perform it with all the people that were in the music group.

Overall I think our group went well with our music we made up.

Arts Blog Week 3 Term 3

This term our class took a photo for the moment in time.

The moment in time I picked was me climbing up the tree outside the quad area.

I chose it because I wanted to look like a kangaroo looking upside down.

This was me climbing a tree.

Art Blog Week 1 Term 3
In our class we all went to the Art Gallery, Margaret 
Mahy Playground, Dance O Mat but unfortunately the Dance O Mat was shut down so we couldn't dance and many more places. 

I really enjoyed going there because I missed going to the Margaret Mahy Playground and it was my first time going inside the Art Gallery. 

In the playground my favourite slide was the Spiral Slide, where you have to get up top and when you go down the slide there’s fast acceleration when going down and a lot of turnings. Like a waterslide.

In the Art Gallery there was really good artworks, sculptures and many more! The art making I loved was the Goldfish in the Aquarium using its fins to swim, 3D artworks, The Bull and the Piano
Sculpture, and the Tyre Swing when you go inside the Art Gallery on the right.

The forces I gathered in the Margaret Mahy Playground was in the Metal Slide it was so fast that it accelerated even more faster than before and same as the flying fox it's all about the acceleration when going down.

Next time I would like to visit the Margaret Mahy Playground and enjoy the different playgrounds that is fun to play!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sculpture Reflection

Sculpture Reflection 13.9.17 Wednesday

The sculpture we made was a hut made with skewers.

This art inspired us to make it because we were supposed to make a house made of wood but we used too much wood glue and we made a mess in the Kohara table.

It ended up well because it looked like the logo of Pizza Hut.

I would change not to touch the hot glue because I touched the tip of it and it hurt and we want to be more organised because yesterday Tejas only brought a few skewers.

Speech 2017

Have you ever had a childhood memory that is your worst nightmare?

I have one and I'm going to share it with you.

When I was about 5-6 years old in Manila, Philippines, I was playing with my friends  outside the house. It was so much fun playing. I went to home where my brother was. I asked him if he wanted to go biking outside the street with me. He agreed.

When we asked mum if we could go outside, she said ok, so we went outside the street where our home was in. I said “this is it, we are outside the street”. It's like Attack on Titan where they go outside the gates and outside the gates there are those giant Titans hunting for prey. We explored some places outside our street and it was so much fun. There were chickens, stores, apartments, people driving and more!

As we saw our street I said to my brother let's go back home. My brother was so tired because I was too heavy. As we were halfway to home then Splat! A drip of blood in my foot drips as I scream. I stepped on something that was very sharp.

 I cried as people passed me by, my brother helped me to get up and to walk back home with my blood dripping leg. I cried as people were crowding over me, after we came back home my mum was so horrified when she saw my foot bleeding.

My mum said to my brother to tape my left leg and foot. As they were taping my it, I couldn't move it. After the taping was done I said to my mum, When is the bleeding in in my leg going to stop? Well I don't know. Mum said.

A few days later my left leg was fully recovered and was ready to use again, I was very happy because I really didn't expect something like that to happen to me. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Autumn Poem

As the leaves fall on the ground smoothly and decompose on the disgusting ground, it changes its colour to orange. I can see leaves clinging on deciduous trees wanting to turn the deciduous tree to an evergreen.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Science Blog

Science Blog 25.5.17 Term 2 Week 4

In term 2 science our room did tug of war, make rocket balloons and catapults.

I found out that catapults are not easy to make and balloons use air to push itself and launch to a new designated spot. In tug of war if you want to win you must force your teammates to work as a team. 

I wonder if we used wood would it be more easier to make it than Popsicle sticks and why does my hand hurt when I'm trying to grip the rope.

Science Blog 1.6.17 Term 2 Week 5

In science we did rocket balloons,ping pong ramp and basketball bounce.

I found out that if you put barriers in the side of the books the ping pong ball won't fall down and I found out that when you bounce the ball smoothly it will bounce really fast in the ground.

I wonder what forces the ping pong ball to go down and in rocket balloon why do we have to cut the straw for 10cm.

Science Blog 7.6.17 Term 2 Week 6

In science we did Ping Pong Ramp

I found out that when the ping pong ball does not have barriers in the side it will bounce high.

I wonder if we used lots of stuff like wood, cardboard and etc.

Science Blog 13.6.17 Term 2 Week 7 (first)

In science I did rocket balloons with the people who wanted to do it.

I found out that if you use the water balloon it wouldn't go anywhere because when we launched the balloon it just stayed there and 5cm straw is better than the 10cm straw because it's more lighter than the other one.

I wonder if we make the balloon size bigger would it be more faster than before.

Science Blog 15.6.17 Term 2 Week 7 (second)

In science Larrisa, Shileen and I made a pulley system.

I didn't found anything interesting about the pulley system because I had to go to reading.

I wonder if we put tiny rocks in the water bottle how much does it weigh now?

Science Blog - Rocket Balloons 20.6.17 Term 2 Week 8

Introduction:What is force? See

Push is a forward force like when you're pushing your friend in the swing.

Thrust is a forward force related to push example your pushing the door forwards.

Pull is a backwards force like you're pulling the rope in tug of war.

Gravity is what keeps us stay on the ground example when you jump the gravity pulls you down.

Friction is a resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another example if you roll a mug in the table the table has more friction than the carpet so the table goes faster.

Inertia is a force that continues to roll till another force stops it example a vivid is rolling and it hit another object the vivid that was rolling stops. 

2. See

The first steps I did were measuring how long we want to be and we put the straw and cut it to 5cm. The second part was to measure the balloon size and we made it 19x25. The last part was to stick the balloon in the string so we can realise the little hole in the balloon and when we released the balloon it didn't accelerate fast.

The variables were measuring the string to 7.5m, Straw 5cm and 19x25cm is the balloon we needed it to be.

The data I gathered was the time how fast the balloon because some of the balloons didn't go as fast as it can and the balloon popped too.

The variables I changed was the balloon size because when we tried 19x25 cm a couple of times it didn't go well so we changed the balloon size every time we've done one each. This was the balloon sizes our group used. 36x29, 16x18, 20x45 and 10x39.

The new size of the balloon made it more faster and more push force.

I learnt that different balloons can have different strengths.

I can use this learning to discover more things and make the balloon more faster.

I wonder why the balloon circles around the string when it is losing air.
Science Blog 3.7.17 Week 9/10 Term 2

Day 1
When I was doing the idea that was in my head I thought it was working well and I one split second I found something wrong, and it was the tires because the tires I made it off was cardboard.

The struggle for me was finding a clever way to tape the straw under the cardboard because the tires are being clumsy.

The idea I worked on didn't go well because i made a mistake and it was using bottle caps instead of cardboard because when you push the cardboard tires it just stops.

The improvements I am going to make are bringing the stuff, listening to the steps I made because it was hard finding bottle caps for the car.

No photos on day 1

What I'm going to do next is to ask for help when unsure because I didn't do that when I was lost.

The force is used when you release the balloon and the car will start to move.

Day 2

When I brought the stuff I needed I thought it wasn't going to go well and when I made a decision to use a skewer instead of a straw to put in the tire. When I finished the balloon I felt proud because on day 1 I did nothing. I didn't know how to blow a balloon up and Jack said “blow as hard as you can” I did that and it worked but when I let go of the balloon it didn't go well.

My struggles were finding a way to make a hole in the plastic cap and bottle and Jack helped do that again.

The idea I worked on kind of worked well and didn't go well at the same time because the good thing was the tires working perfectly and the bad news is I don't know how to blow a balloon.

The improvement I am going to work on is to find a way to blow the balloon so I don't have to ask people for help, making the tires bigger because the moving animation of it is weird.

Monday, 5 June 2017

High Ropes

High Ropes Experience 
I felt like I was on top of the world when I was going up the ladder. The high ropes are one of the scariest activity to do in Wainui Camp, and takes nerves to climb the ladder.

 I was just starting to step up the ladder when this horrible feeling went in my head I refused to  climb it when Ben told everyone to cheer me on and then I keep going and going and going till I got to the rope part. I felt scared my legs were shaking. 

As I walk sideways on the clumsy rope, my arms were wobbling and I refused to climb again.“I wanna go down now!” I said, Ben said “You can do it Niko! Just take 5 steps and you're done” As Ben said, If I take the challenge to take 5 steps I'm done.

As I completed the challenge that Ben wanted me to do, I was proud and surprised, as I release my shaky legs on the rope, everyone clapped and I was so proud of myself for being brave and taking the challenge that Ben gave me.